Top Thai Eateries in Belgrade

Belgrade, a city of vast cultural tapestry, has managed to nestle within its embrace the luscious flavors of Thai food.

If you’re yearning for those unique combinations of sweet, spicy, sour, and umami, you’ll find them sprinkled across the city’s culinary map.

Dive in as we explore the charm and authenticity of some of the most popular Thai restaurants in Belgrade, as shared by their devoted patrons.

TAO Thai restoran.

“Authentic Thai with a homely touch”

As you step into TAO, you’re embraced by an ambiance reminiscent of a cozy Thai household. The decor – a blend of colorful lanterns and traditional artwork – sets a delightful stage for what lies ahead.

The green curry here has garnered significant praise, standing out as an embodiment of true Thai flavors. Zoki (Zoran), the heart and soul of the place, isn’t just a brilliant chef but an incredible host. Numerous awards proudly displayed vouch for his culinary prowess.

But it’s not just about the accolades; it’s about the love, warmth, and sincerity with which each dish is crafted. The Tom Kha Gai soup, spring rolls, and pad thai are must-tries, each offering a taste expedition like no other.

Krunska 26, Beograd
062 834 7447

Tuk Tuk.

“A fusion of Serbian and Thai hospitality”

Located close to the iconic Saint Sava, Tuk Tuk promises an enriching experience both in terms of flavor and culture. You’re likely to be welcomed with genuine Thai greetings and maybe even a tale or two. T

he Thai Chicken Basil stands as a clear favorite, with its spicy fish sauce providing the perfect tangy kick. The venue exudes a home-like charm, dotted with Thai ornaments that transport you miles away. With genuine ingredients and the loving touch of its Thai and Serbian owners, every dish feels like a piece of Thailand served on a plate.

Don’t miss out on the massaman curry or the refreshing coconut pearl dessert!

Internacionalnih brigada 31, Beograd
066 216 389

Thai Zone.

“Exquisite Thai in a compact setting”

Though it might be small in size, Thai Zone is vast in flavor and heart. Its Pad Thai has been recognized for its delightful adaptation to the Serbian palate. Their coconut soup and Pad Thai with chicken have left patrons in awe.

With artistic plate presentations and a keen eye for detail, the dining experience becomes a feast for both the eyes and the palate. The beverages, particularly the lemonades and green teas, complement the dishes perfectly.

Despite its intimate setting, it manages to conjure an expansive culinary experience.

Jurija Gagarina 14D, Beograd
063 170 3030

Wok Republic.

“Street-style Asian flavors with a twist”

For those who fancy a quick Thai bite without compromising on flavor, Wok Republic offers a distinctive blend of speed and quality.

While their Pad Thai has evoked mixed reactions, their Shanghai noodles have garnered much praise. The restaurant takes pride in catering to various palates, even offering customization to meet specific preferences.

The ambiance radiates a unique Asian allure, and the self-service style gives it a true street-food feel. The limonite might be a subtle flavor, but pairing the dishes with local beer rounds off the experience beautifully.

Francuska 5, Beograd
011 328 2828

Final words.

Venturing through Belgrade, one wouldn’t expect to stumble upon Thai culinary treasures. Yet, the city surprises and enchants with its Thai offerings that not only tantalize the taste buds but also warm the heart.

So, next time you’re in Belgrade, let your culinary compass lead you to these gems. Your palate will thank you.

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