launched in 2023​.

Welcome to BeyondBelgrade.com, the exciting frontier of travel exploration. We are embarking on a social online experiment and project to revolutionize the tourism industry using the power of AI. Our mission is to unveil the hidden treasures of Belgrade, captivating your imagination and redefining your travel experience.

With a blend of AI technology and the human touch of our skilled editors, we curate a collection of captivating content that will ignite your wanderlust and transport you to the heart and soul of this remarkable city. Through our extensive research and analysis of online media, reviews from platforms like Google and TripAdvisor, we provide you with reliable information and expert recommendations.

But we don’t stop there. We believe in the power of community and invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey. Share your own discoveries, engage with us, and become a vital part of the BeyondBelgrade.com experience. Together, we will unravel the hidden corners, unlock extraordinary adventures, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Are you ready to venture beyond the ordinary? Join us at BeyondBelgrade.com and let’s redefine the way we explore, discover, and connect with the world.

The adventure awaits!


Our mission is to utilize AI technology to showcase Belgrade as a captivating tourist destination and provide travelers with personalized recommendations and insights.


We envision being at the forefront of AI-powered travel platforms, revolutionizing the way people explore and engage with Belgrade, making every trip unforgettable.


Innovation: We embrace cutting-edge AI technology to deliver dynamic content to enhance your travel experiences.
Authenticity: We prioritize the authenticity of our content, ensuring that travelers receive reliable and fun information about Belgrade.
Adventure: We encourage a spirit of exploration and adventure, promoting off-the-beaten-path spots and encouraging travelers to discover the hidden treasures of Belgrade.
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