Michelin Restaurants in Belgrade

Let’s take you through some of Belgrade’s finest dining establishments that, while they haven’t clinched Michelin stars, have earned commendations from the Michelin Guide. These recommendations spotlight restaurants that excel in creativity, flavor, and service, promising a memorable dining experience.

Now we will have a look at a few of the restaurants in Belgrade that has been recommended by the Michelin Guide.

LEGAT 1903.

Exquisite flavors, unparalleled service

LEGAT 1903 stands as a beacon of culinary brilliance in Belgrade. With dishes so intricate they spark prolonged discussion among diners, this restaurant transforms each meal into a gastronomic event. From the black truffle salad to the iconic steak Wellington, every dish is a testament to the chef’s prowess and the kitchen’s commitment to quality.

The ambiance matches the food’s elegance, enhanced by live music that perfectly sets the tone for an enchanting evening. Although on the pricier side, the experience justifies every penny. Guests leave not only satiated but also planning their next visit, drawn back by the charm and culinary excellence that LEGAT 1903 consistently offers.

Jasenička 7, Beograd 11010
+381 63 19 03 003

Langouste Restoran.

“Elegant dining with river views and gourmet cuisine”

Langouste Restoran is a gem by the river, offering a serene backdrop to an 8-course tasting menu that dazzles with its sophistication and flavor diversity. Known for meticulous service, including the refined touch of crumb-clearing between courses, Langouste pays attention to the smallest details.

The atmosphere is sophisticated yet relaxed, with a music selection that adds to the restaurant’s laid-back elegance. While proximity to smoking areas might be a slight for some, the overall quality of the food and service makes Langouste a must-visit for anyone seeking a taste of Michelin-recommended dining in Belgrade.

Kosančićev venac 29, Beograd 11000
011 328 3680


“Innovative cuisine with a Michelin star-level experience”

At Enso, the fusion of creativity and flavor creates a Michelin-worthy dining journey. The restaurant’s ambiance is immediately welcoming, with a service team dedicated to an attentive, detail-rich dining experience.

Enso offers a variety of tasting menus, each a showcase of the chef’s innovative approach to global gastronomy with a local twist. Highlights include Barigoule soup and a fish with plum dumplings that promises a culinary delight. Enso stands out not only for its food but also for its role as a cultural gastronomic outpost in Belgrade, redefining fine dining in the city.

Mitropolita Petra 8, Beograd 11000

Bela Reka.

“Authentic Serbian cuisine with a Michelin nod”

Bela Reka, a cherished locale, offers an immersive experience into the heart of Serbian culinary traditions, now recognized by Michelin. Situated conveniently with a bus stop nearby, it’s an oasis of local flavors served in generous portions.

The restaurant’s farm-to-table approach ensures fresh and hearty dishes that resonate with authenticity and taste. The starters, such as the locally famed goat cheese, set a high bar for the subsequent delights. Each visit to Bela Reka is more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of Serbian heritage and culinary excellence.

Tošin bunar 179, Beograd 11070

Mezestoran Dvoriste.

“A hidden courtyard gem with eclectic flavors”

Mezestoran Dvoriste offers a unique setting nestled in an inner courtyard, where dining under the stars transforms into an unforgettable experience. This Michelin-recognized venue delights with dishes like Kritaroto, blending risotto with octopus and sausage, and a Krempita that’s a poetic composition of pastry and cream.

The alfresco dining area presents a quieter, more intimate atmosphere, perfect for those who prefer conversation over the bustling energy of indoor spaces. With each visit, Mezestoran Dvoriste reaffirms its reputation as a culinary treasure, hidden away in Belgrade’s vibrant cityscape.

Svetogorska 46, Beograd 11000

Final words.

As the flavors of Belgrade leave a lasting impression, it’s clear that the city’s gastronomic scene is a treasure trove of culinary delights. From the intricacies of meticulously prepared dishes that mirror Michelin standards to the warmth and richness of Serbian hospitality, each meal is more than just food; it’s an invitation to experience the soul of the city.

With each recommended spot offering a unique glimpse into the craft of fine dining, your culinary journey through Belgrade becomes a memorable exploration of taste and tradition. As you depart from the bustling tables of these celebrated eateries, you carry with you not only the satisfaction of exquisite meals but also the anticipation of your next visit, eager to delve deeper into the vibrant culinary story of Belgrade.

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