Popular Car Rentals in Belgrade

Navigating the vibrant streets of Belgrade and exploring the scenic beauty of Serbia and the Balkans becomes infinitely more accessible with a reliable car rental.

For those ready to embark on an adventure, Belgrade offers a plethora of car rental options in Belgrade that cater to every traveler’s needs.

This guide introduces you to the top car rental agencies in Belgrade, spotlighting their unique selling propositions and customer experiences to help you make an informed choice for your journey.

CARWIZ – Rent a Car Beograd.

“Seamless rental experience with exceptional customer service”

Seamless rental experience with exceptional customer service CarWiz stands out for its swift service and professionalism, making it a beacon for those who’ve faced challenges with other rentals. Their transparent pricing, especially the inclusion of insurance, and the straightforward return process make them a top recommendation.

The wide selection of vehicles at reasonable prices, combined with a user-friendly reservation system, ensures a hassle-free experience every time. Their commitment to clear communication and flexibility, including accepting debit cards and offering full insurance, positions CarWiz as a leader in Belgrade’s car rental scene.

Their multilingual staff enhances the rental experience, providing service excellence recognized by locals and international travelers alike.

Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 59, Beograd 11070

Rent a Car Belgrade – Cube.

“Hassle-free rentals with no hidden fees or deposits”

Cube’s reputation for delivering punctual, flawless service makes them a favorite among travelers seeking a stress-free rental experience. Whether you’re planning a quick trip to Bosnia or need a spacious vehicle for a longer journey, Cube offers well-maintained cars complemented by professional and courteous staff.

Their no-deposit policy and straightforward pricing remove common rental anxieties, allowing you to enjoy your trip fully. The option for unlimited mileage and a selection of winter tires for off-city adventures further cements Cube’s status as a go-to rental agency in Belgrade.

Antifašističke borbe 38, Beograd

Balkan Rent a Car.

“Quick service, economical vehicles, and minimal paperwork”

Balkan Rent a Car simplifies the rental process offering clean and fuel-efficient vehicles for your exploration needs. Their flexibility in payment methods and the quick checkout process make them an ideal choice for spontaneous trips across Serbia and the Balkans.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their straightforward booking process and the helpfulness of their staff, ensuring you have a reliable vehicle for your adventures at a great price.

Zemunski put 10, Beograd

ZIM Rent a Car.

Fair pricing and exceptional, multilingual customer service.

ZIM elevates the car rental experience in Belgrade with its outstanding customer service, reasonable prices, and straightforward policies. Notable for their readiness to accommodate last-minute requests, ZIM excels in communication, offering assistance via WhatsApp and ensuring every interaction is smooth and friendly.

Their cars, praised for cleanliness and good condition, come with no hidden charges, and the rental process includes personal touches that set them apart. The staff, proficient in multiple languages, adds an extra layer of comfort for international travelers. Whether it’s a business trip or a casual exploration, ZIM stands ready to provide a hassle-free car rental experience, making them a top recommendation for visitors and locals alike.

Pjarona De Mondezira 28 ex, Tadeuša Košćuška 28, Beograd 11000


“Well-maintained vehicles and exceptional customer care”

Cicimici stands out in Belgrade’s car rental scene for its well-maintained fleet, competitive pricing, and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Offering everything from insurance to paperwork for international travel, Cicimici goes above and beyond to ensure a worry-free rental experience.

Renters have praised the freshness and maintenance of the cars, the politeness of the staff, and the overall ease of the rental process. Whether you’re in need of a car for a month or just a few days, Cicimici’s flexible options and dedication to quality service make it a top contender for anyone looking to rent a car in Belgrade and beyond.

Antifašističke borbe 17, Beograd

Alonso – rent a car.

“Friendly service, good prices, and convenient pickup process”

Alonso offers a refreshing rental experience with its friendly service, competitive pricing, and a variety of vehicles to suit any need. Their flexibility in pickup times, including Sundays, and the provision of free child seats add a personal touch to their service.

The absence of hidden charges and a simple deposit process make Alonso a trustworthy choice for travelers. Even in the face of unexpected challenges, such as car battery issues, Alonso’s team responds promptly and efficiently, ensuring your rental experience is smooth and worry-free.

Prve pruge 35d, Beograd 11080

Final words.

Belgrade’s car rental agencies offer something for every traveler, from those seeking straightforward, economical options to those desiring luxury and convenience.

Each agency brings its unique strengths to the table, ensuring you can find the perfect partner for your Serbian adventure.

With the right car rental, Belgrade’s historical sites, Serbia’s majestic landscapes, and the broader wonders of the Balkans are just a drive away.

Let’s hit the road!

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