Exploring Belgrade’s Finest Indian Restaurants

Tantalizing spices, aromatic herbs, and a deep-rooted culinary history: the allure of Indian cuisine has always held a special place in food lovers’ hearts.

Even in Belgrade, miles away from the bustling streets of Delhi or Mumbai, this culinary magic has managed to create a fervent fan base.

Dive with us into the soulful world of some of Belgrade’s most cherished Indian restaurants.

Maikhana The Indian Cafe Bar Restaurant.

“Family-Run Indian Restaurant with Wholesome Meals”

Nestled in the central parts of Belgrade, Maikhana promises a rendezvous with authentic Indian food that is both delightful and heartwarming. Guests often rave about the impeccable taste and the sheer value for money.

What makes Maikhana stand out is the warmth exuded by the family that runs the place. Each dish tells a story, and the bread, freshly baked and piping hot, transports you straight to the streets of India. The ambience harmoniously marries comfort with genuine Indian melodies, creating an atmosphere that’s both inviting and immersive. And while the décor could be further enriched with more Indian elements, the present environment has a charm of its own.

One visit here, and it’s no wonder many have dubbed it a favorite, returning for those satisfying lunch breaks and memorable dinners.

Beogradska 4, Beograd
063 772 5211

Diwali Indian Restaurant.

“Heartwarming Hospitality meets Culinary Mastery”

Diwali Mahal presents a delightful contrast with its innovative architecture, constructed using shipping containers. Dive into a menu where meat choices abound, and every dish, from the creamy lamb to the butter chicken, speaks of culinary mastery.

The use of Serbian ingredients brings a unique twist, making the experience distinctly memorable. However, it’s not just about the food. The vast space, complete with dedicated parking, promises coziness and a sense of intimacy.

While some may find the location a bit off-track, the overall essence of the place, complemented by its close-to-authentic Indian flavors, ensures that each visit is a flavorful adventure.

Ljubićka 1b, Beograd
011 344 6235

Diwali Mahal.

“Contemporary Setting with Traditional Flavors”

Diwali Indian Restaurant, a name that resonates with many in Belgrade, promises an experience that’s rich in authenticity. From a diverse menu offering everything from vegetarian delights to meaty pleasures, to the soothing ambiance that mirrors the very essence of India, Diwali ensures an immersive experience.

The staff here, always eager to help and recommend, have made guests feel cherished and at home. A special shout-out to the family-owned nature of the place, making every dish served here a labor of love. The efforts to source genuine Indian spices, despite challenges, further accentuates the dedication to authenticity.

An added bonus? Their dedication to keeping the little ones entertained, ensuring that families can enjoy their meal in peace. In a city bustling with eateries, Diwali firmly establishes itself as a haven for those seeking genuine Indian flavors.

Savski nasip 9a, Beograd
061 610 0878

The Paratha Center.

“Authentic Northern Indian Delicacies”

A haven for paratha lovers, this quaint eatery is a standout for its rapid service and heartwarming hospitality. With a chef hailing from Northern India, the flavors are undeniably authentic.

Their menu, predominantly showcasing parathas—a stuffed Indian flatbread, is served with fresh accompaniments like yogurt sauce and onions. The establishment, although compact, ensures diners are comfortable. Furthermore, it’s one of the few places in town where you can purchase Indian spices.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, The Paratha Center promises an unadulterated Indian culinary experience.

Kapetan-Mišina 6, Beograd
062 162 6819

Spice Cafe & Restaurant.

“Diverse Menu with Vegan Options and Exquisite Flavors”

For those who relish choices, Spice Cafe & Restaurant presents a dilemma—everything sounds too tempting! From their vegan options to meat dishes dripping in aromatic sauces, there’s something for every palate.

Visitors frequently comment on the incredible ambiance and the hospitable nature of the staff. Another highlight is their vast menu.

So, when you visit, it might be wise to come with an appetite and perhaps a little preparation on what to order. The restaurant’s charm extends outdoors, making it perfect for those who enjoy alfresco dining.

Žarkovačka 21A, Beograd
064 004 4005

Biryani Central.

Best Biryani with Customizable Spice Levels.

A bite of biryani, and you’ll find yourself momentarily transported to the bustling streets of India.

Biryani Central is all about giving its patrons an authentic taste of this celebrated Indian dish. Their Chicken Biryani, enhanced with spices and served with cooling raita, is a fan favorite.

The place, while compact, has a warm and inviting aura. Their Vegetable Pakoras are also a hit among visitors. The dining experience feels genuinely close to the subcontinent.

Vase Čarapića 5, Beograd
063 723 7506

Final words.

While the aromatic spices and tantalizing flavors of Indian cuisine continue to allure many, it’s the combination of great food, warm hospitality, and unique experiences that these restaurants in Belgrade offer that truly make them stand out.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Indian food or a curious first-timer, the city’s Indian eateries promise a feast for the senses.

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