A Exploration of Belgrade’s Popular Gyros Spots

Gyros, a beloved Greek fast-food favorite, has found its way into the hearts of many food lovers worldwide.

In Belgrade, the love for gyros has manifested in the establishment of numerous eateries that have brought their own interpretations and unique touches to this iconic dish.

Whether you’re a local or a traveler, exploring these places is a journey worth taking.

Hungry 63 Beograd.

Delicious Gyros, Great Service

At Hungry 63 Beograd, the gyros take center stage with their juicy meat and delicious tzatziki sauce. The eatery offers a homely ambiance and is known for its hospitable staff.

The gyros, made with spicy meat and served in juicy tortillas, are a delight to the palate. The quality of the gyro meat here is often highlighted as superior, making it a popular choice among both locals and visitors.

This spot is renowned for its balance of flavors and quality, ensuring a memorable gyro experience.

Tršćanska 1, Beograd 11000
064 541 0111

Gyros King.

“Quick Service, Exceptional Gyros”

Gyros King distinguishes itself with its prompt service and exquisite gyros that some even compare favorably to those found in Greece. The eatery prides itself on its efficient service, ensuring that patrons are not left waiting.

The gyros here are a blend of quality meat and well-balanced spices, creating a taste that is both unique and satisfying. The generous portions ensure a fulfilling meal, and the friendly atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience.

Gyros King is a testament to the simplicity and excellence of traditional gyro making, making it a must-visit for anyone in Belgrade craving this dish.

Omladinskih brigada 16a, Beograd 11070
065 479 5775

Stubal Gyros.

“Authentic Taste, Affordable Prices”

Stubal Gyros is celebrated for offering some of the best gyros in Belgrade at a reasonable price. The restaurant is known for not skimping on tzatziki sauce and providing a well-proportioned mix of fries and meat in their gyros.

The aroma of the food can be sensed from a distance, drawing patrons towards it. The eatery is not just about great food but also about the warmth of its staff, making it a welcoming place for gyro lovers.

Their commitment to maintaining the traditional taste and quality of gyros makes Stubal Gyros a highly recommended eatery.

Studentska 43, Beograd 11070
060 412 6060

LUX – Giros.

“High-Quality Gyros, Diverse Menu”

LUX offers an extensive range of gyros with various sauces and salads, providing a new taste experience with each visit. T

he restaurant is lauded for its excellent hygiene standards and the high quality of its chicken gyros. The pricing is reasonable, making it an accessible option for those seeking a premium gyro experience.

The combination of fantastic taste, variety, and cleanliness makes LUX a standout choice for gyro aficionados in Belgrade.

Bulevar Zorana Đinđića, Beograd
069 363 9699


“Authentic Greek Gyros, Cozy Setting”

Tavernaki delights its patrons with authentic Greek gyros, served in an ambiance reminiscent of Greece. The restaurant offers large portions, ensuring a satisfying meal.

The option to dine indoors or outdoors under the shade of old trees adds to its charm. The staff’s ability to cater to an international clientele, coupled with the availability of Greek beer, enhances the dining experience.

Tavernaki’s commitment to authentic Greek flavors and a domestic atmosphere makes it a must-visit for those seeking traditional Greek gyros in Belgrade.

Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 63, Beograd 11060
065 227 0396

Final words.

Belgrade’s gyro scene is a vibrant showcase of flavors and traditions. Each establishment adds its unique touch to this beloved dish, offering an authentic taste of the city’s rich culinary heritage.

From sizzling meats to tangy tzatziki, these eateries provide more than just a meal; they offer a window into the heart of Belgrade.

For anyone exploring the city, a visit to these gyro spots is a must for a complete and flavorful experience.

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