A Closer Look at Belgrade’s Top Greek Eateries

Belgrade’s diverse culinary scene is enhanced by its array of Greek restaurants, each offering an authentic taste of Greece through their unique dishes and ambiances.

Here’s an exploration of some of the most popular Greek eateries in Belgrade.

Meze by Elliniko Beograd.

“Authentic Greek Dishes in a Lively Atmosphere”

Meze by Elliniko Beograd, also known as Ellinko, is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and authentic Greek cuisine. The restaurant’s lively setting is complemented by great music, creating an enjoyable dining experience.

With a variety of dishes on the menu, including vegetarian and vegan options, Ellinko caters to diverse tastes. The kitchen’s efficiency, even during busy times, ensures that guests don’t have long waits for their meals. Highlights include traditional dishes like aubergine and gambori in tomato sauce with feta.

The outdoor garden provides a pleasant setting for summer dining, enhancing the overall authenticity of the Greek experience.

Bulevar maršala Tolbuhina 34A, Beograd 11070
069 111 4618


“Beautiful Garden Setting, Authentic Greek Cuisine “

Piatakia charms its visitors with its stunning décor and a beautifully arranged garden space. The menu offers a variety of Greek dishes, characterized by large portions and reasonable prices.

The ambiance of the restaurant, especially its outdoor area, is noteworthy, providing a comfortable and relaxed dining experience. The attentive staff adds to the restaurant’s appeal.

Signature dishes like Feta Saganaki and Souvlaki are highly recommended. The concept of ‘Piatakia’ – small plates for sharing – is reflected in the colorful plates adorning the walls, contributing to an authentic Greek taverna feel.

Novogradska 10, Zemun, Belgrade
065 269 6996

Mezestoran Dvoriste.

“Sophisticated Mediterranean-Greek Fusion Cuisine”

Located in the heart of Belgrade, Mezestoran Dvoriste offers a peaceful retreat with its sophisticated design and tranquil terrace. The restaurant blends Mediterranean and Greek cuisines, offering dishes that are flavorful and made with high-quality ingredients.

The summer garden, adorned with beautiful plants, provides an ideal setting for enjoying their varied menu. The ambiance is further enhanced by live music, with a guitarist often adding to the Mediterranean vibe.

The restaurant’s discreet entrance opens up to a chic courtyard, contributing to its allure. Dishes like pork skewers and hunkar begendi are standout choices, and the attentive service makes the dining experience memorable.

Svetogorska 46, Beograd 11000
011 324 6515

Mr. Greek Downtown.

“Modern Greek Cuisine in a Cozy Setting”

Mr. Greek Downtown offers a modern twist on traditional Greek cuisine. The restaurant’s interior exudes warmth and welcomes guests into a comfortable dining environment.

The menu includes a variety of Greek dishes, with the moussaka and kebabs being particularly noteworthy. The service strikes a perfect balance, ensuring guests feel attended to without being overwhelmed. The staff’s professionalism and the chef’s expertise are evident in the quality of the food served.

Additionally, the restaurant’s central location makes it a convenient choice for those looking to explore Greek cuisine in the heart of Belgrade.

Vuka Karadžića 9, Beograd 11000
069 663 238


“Greek Dining with Picturesque River Views

PLOIO stands out for its fantastic location on the Danube river, offering stunning views and a genuine Greek atmosphere. The restaurant’s setting is enhanced by live background music, creating a perfect dining ambiance.

The menu features a rich selection of Greek cuisine, with the service being notably pleasant. Special attention is given to dietary requirements, ensuring a satisfying experience for all guests. The restaurant’s desserts, particularly the chocolate soufflé and almond milk dessert, are highly recommended.

The opportunity to dine with a view of the sunset makes PLOIO an ideal spot for those seeking a scenic and authentic Greek dining experience in Belgrade.

Obala, Majora Dragutina Gavrilovića, Beograd
 061 278 1504

Final words.

Belgrade’s array of Greek restaurants offers a delightful culinary adventure, each with its unique charm and authentic flavors. From cozy terraces to vibrant atmospheres, these establishments serve as gateways to experiencing the rich tastes and traditions of Greek cuisine.

Whether you’re seeking a hearty meal, a light mezze, or simply a taste of Mediterranean hospitality, Belgrade’s Greek dining scene caters to all palates.

Exploring these restaurants is not just about enjoying a meal; it’s about immersing oneself in a cultural experience that blends the warmth of Greek hospitality with the unique spirit of Belgrade.

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